VERTEBRA is a Latin word for spinal column joints

Written by VertebroPublished 28. 01. 2016

The name of VERTEBRO chair expresses its most important functionality – it gives the hints that the real target is the user’s health care. VERTEBRO is balancing medical chair with wide utilization range for all the people who are exposed to long-term sitting during their working, studying, or relaxing activities. Passive sitting for more than 3 hours a day will sooner or later cause health issues to more than 90 % of those people.

Evolution has created us as individuals for hunting, moving, harvesting and other active way of living. It has not considered daylong sitting by the PC, books etc. Absence of active movement in our daily life is just the one of fundamental root causes of epidemics called “spinal column pain” which consequently causes many other medical issues.

Vertebras create backbone which is the main body framework. It is imaginary physical and spiritual pillar of a human being. At the same time it protects one of the most important body apparatus which is a spinal cord. Spinal cord is the only human body apparatus which is not capable to recover; there is no bypass, arthroscopic or any other surgery intervention which could “repair” spinal cord – its eventual damage is unfortunately permanent.

At the same time spinal column has a function called PUFRA which means that it works as hits absorber. Its stability besides of spinal column joints (spinal plates, tissues and joints) is mainly provided by vertebral (spinal) column muscle corset. It is a number of muscles and tissues which strengthen it, retain its form, and enable its particular movements.

Spinal column, as the main axle of human body, hit absorber, and spinal cord protection unit; functions well only if the muscle corset is well developed. Slacking of important supportive muscle parts result in a number of surgical operations, rehabilitations, health issues, days and nights full of pains which are seemingly becoming a necessary part of modern lifestyle.

Do not learn how to live with the pain; learn how to get rid of it!

Traditional office chairs and ergonomic chairs support static way of sitting which from the long term perspective contributes to cause health issues. Where is the solution?